The International Conference on "Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Interdisciplinary Developments" will be held at Ponjesly College of Engineering, India, during 7th and 8th march 2014. The field of Mechanical Engineering embraces a broad spectrum of technical activities including Mechanical design and Engineering along with the classical techniques of work methods, production and facilitates planning, quality control and safety. Interdisciplinary Engineering seeks to synthesise broader perspectives, skills, and epistemology which are embedded in an educational setting. Any tangible invention of man encompasses all fields of Engineering to gain its decorous shape and form. These Interdisciplinary programmes cannot be adequately understood from a single disciplinary view. As Engineering is a practical application of science, interrelating various fields of Engineering. Indeed, it involves integrating and segmenting knowledge of several academic schools of thought wherein professionals work collaboratively in the pursuit of a common task.<<<Read more>>>

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